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"For help with this vision, they turned to Chicago-based artist Anna Soltys, a Columbia College graduate who has been working on large-scale public art installations for 12 years."

Make A Wave Award Grantee- 3Arts is a nonprofit organization that advocates for Chicago's women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities who work in the performing, teaching, and visual arts.


Laura Mullkoff and Cory Muldoon

Private Residence Kitchen Install

"Anna Soltys created a gorgeous mosaic for our kitchen. We had recently purchased our first home and were very excited to make it our own. We gave Anna some ideas of themes and colors we'd like to see in the mosaic, but other then that wanted her to have the artistic freedom to come up with what ever she thought would work best in our space. The final piece she came up with was amazing! We get all sorts of compliments whenever people come to our house, and we love looking at the detailed work everyday. I can confidently say that we would highly recommend Anna for any personalized mosaic project you would like done. She is professional, creative and an overall wonderful person to work with. Thanks again so much Anna for making our kitchen a beautiful place!" - 

Pilar D. McKinney, MSW
Social Worker & Family Institute Liaison
Kwame Nkrumah Academy

"The Girl is truly gifted!
Mosaic Artist Anna Soltys walked the halls of our African Centered school listening to the history of our school.  She then was given our mission and vision statement and a few examples of images that might enlighten her as to how best to convey all she received in under an hour to develop an end product truly reflective of who we, as Kwame Nkrumah Academy truly are and strive to offer students, families and the community.
For about six weeks she took up residency in Our Village and worked with students from grades 3 - 8 on the fundamentals of Mosaic Art; building to the hands on crafting of intricate detailed pieces.  Her passion for her work transformed even the most passive of our scholars to become curious enough to engage and complete the many tasks involved from start to finish. 
At the end of six weeks the multitude of colorful pieces had been engineered to fit together like puzzle pieces.  The process then began...sections separated to transport to the exterior of our building.  With scaffolding in place Anna with the support of staff, students and a couple of guest artists affixed the 12'×12' Mosaic Mural to the exterior of our school.  Always with an Ooo and Aaa of Awe from neighbors passing as it was building to its finished look or from parent, students and staff amazed at the transformation, the "glorious face-lift" the little red school building was receiving!
Today, because of Anna's Visual Interpretation, her handwork and teaching skills have not just transformed a exterior...she has changed minds and moved spirits and renewed hearts!  
We know we are an African Centered Village when we see the goddess Ma'at in the center of strong symbols anchoring us all in Knowledge and Wisdom, Peace and Harmony and the Builders laying foundation of building blocks beneath the goddess.  To see ourselves reflected in the mirror tiles to know from this we come thus, we have an idea off where we now can go...
The above is to my point; one has to be gifted to evoke information and emotion to this level and  to transform mind and spirit.  Her creations speak to our soul and offer serenity, peace!
As a visual artist myself I must say I have never seen more beautifully designed work, precise and some with so much care and compassion.
The Girl is truly Gifted and she knows her craft!"


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