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About Me

“It's so simple to see the effects Art has not only on the individual creating it, but on society as a whole. The Arts have had such a strong, lasting impact throughout history, and continue to be the common international language that fuels inspiration, beauty, honesty, and growth.” – Anna Soltys 

Throughout her life, Anna Soltys has dedicated herself to this language, both personally and professionally. The first five years of her life were spent in Poland, followed by 5 years in France, landing in Evanston, before finally settling in Chicago; Art was truly the only language she had. 

Anna spent over a decade creating Public Art in Chicago; working with communities, organizations and individuals to create long-lasting impressions representing messages of hope, love and individuality. Whether in your home, on the side of a public building, or the facade of a business, these installations function as landmarks singing for the world. 

She studied Fine Art at Ball State University, and Columbia College Chicago, focusing on a variety of Art practices. During these years, she explored 2D and 3D mediums such as painting, ceramics, collage, drawing, and jewelry making. These tools have unlocked the doors leading to the creation of limitless installations.

It is her belief that success lives in hope, and hope is the belief you can succeed. Applying this in her practice, Anna Soltys creates spaces that inspire hope, and ultimately remind us of the beauty in this world.


Tel: 773-837-4499

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